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Top 5 corals to put in your aquarium


If you have recently decided that you would like to add an aquarium to brighten up your home, then you may be currently having lots of fun thinking about what you might like to put in it. With this being the case, once you’ve thought about your bubble counter and your aquarium co2 level you will probably start considering how you can make it look wonderful and colourful, and one of the best thing to add in this respect is coral. Considering the fact that there are more than 2,500 species of coral, it is important that you choose a great one for your tank, and this blog will tell you about 5 of the best.



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This is great if you want a variety of colours for your tank, as they come in almost everything including red blue and yellow. This is a stunning type of coral, and many people enjoy being able to look at it as a part of their tank.



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These are given their name thanks to the fact that they hold a huge resemblance to the vegetable. The only difference is the colour, which is bright yellow. The colour means that they are able to add a huge amount of life to your tank, which can be great to see.




These are particularly interesting because of their ability to inflate in accordance with the amount of light that is present at the time. They can be something wonderful to look at, and are at home in the Indian Ocean as well as the Red Sea, meaning that they are certainly a novelty in this part of the world.




These can grow to be as large as 12 inches, and display a huge array of different colours. Mushroom coral is particularly interesting, as it feeds on jellyfish – though obviously it’s rather unlikely that you’re going to have any of this in your tank.





Generally, this type of coral can look a lot like a bouquet of flowers thanks to the way it is formed, and therefore it can be a great addition to your tank. This type is at its happiest in deeper water where it is able to feed on plankton, but there is no reason that it shouldn’t be able to thrive in the home aquarium that you are setting up, too. The range of colours that these come in is one of the main reasons that it is so popular, and why people choose to add it to their tank.

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From your point of view, coral is an excellent thing to add to a tank thanks to the fact that it is so colourful, and can draw people’s attention to the tank that you have set up. It can certainly make it a real focal point of your home, and therefore something that is going to be enjoyed by everyone who happens to visit in the near future – which is certainly something that you can be proud of.