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Aluminium Aquarium Inline CO2 Bubble Counter with built-in check valve


Aluminium Aquarium Inline CO2 Bubble Counter with built-in check valve

A must have for any tank with CO2 injection, a bubble counter allows the user to estimate the CO2 injection rate by counting how many bubbles pass through the counter per minute.

A check valve prevents water from your aquarium from siphoning back into fragile and expensive CO2 equipment such as regulators and solenoids. Easy to read and easy to maintain.

Designed in a 'typical' bubble counter shape, this clear aluminium bubble counter is a tried and tested design; perfect to get an accurate bubble count without the need of bulky and expensive equipment.

To use, simply unscrew one end and fill the bubble counter with water, or if you prefer a bright coloured solution to make it easier to read. 

When the regulator is open, you will be able to calculate your CO2 injection rate by counting how many bubbles pass through the counter per minute, with the peace of mind that your equipment is protected in the event of water siphoning back towards your equipment.



  • 6x4mm tubing connectors
  • Easy disassembling in cleaning and filling up water.
  • Build in Check Valve

How to use:

  • Loose the cap ( upper part ) and fill the reservoir with clear water then fasten the cap firmly.
  • Secure the CO2 pipe according to the inlet and outlet indication marks with the screw node.

Customer Reviews

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Water reaching regulator.

I am not impressed with this item at all. It was bought as a replacement for an older model, I liked the new colour. However, when I attached it to my co2 pipe and then my regulator and started to adjust the co2 level I noticed that it was siphoning water down towards the needle valve. I quickly removed it and placed an extra non-return valve between then, but I'm not very happy as I thought this model was meant to incorporate a non-return valve to prevent this. I've purchased other equipment from this company before and it was all been of great quality, however, this has not been the case here. For the cost, I can't be bothered to return it, the postage was only pennies less than the item purchased, but I'm very disappointed to say the least.

I'm really sorry to hear this! If the water is leaking through the check valve it means some dirt stuck inside and is preventing the check valve from closing the water flow. You can very easily fix it. Just remove acrylic chamber completely, then with pliers or similar tool unscrew part where the bubbles escaping. Inside you will find small plunger and spring. Make sure there is no dirt on the rubber part and inside the body. If those steps will not help, please contact our support team and we will exchange the bubble counter for you. Thank you!
Can't fault co2 art! When

Can't fault co2 art! When I needed support they promptly got back to me with the help and answers I needed. Bubble counter is a fine piece of kit and so was the diffuser which I've since replaced with a reactor because of the 7 Up effect of the bubbles it creates! :grinning:

Works perfectly

Works perfectly

very sturdy and reliable bubble

very sturdy and reliable bubble counter, its metalic so it will last for many years

Nice piece of kit. Easy

Nice piece of kit. Easy to maintain.