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Aluminium Aquarium CO2 Bubble Counter for Solenoids and Regulators


Aquarium aluminium CO2 bubble counter for solenoids and regulators with integrated check valve.

A must have for any tank with CO2 injection, a bubble counter allows the user to estimate the CO2 injection rate by counting how many bubbles pass through the counter per minute.

A check valve prevents water from your aquarium from siphoning back into fragile and expensive CO2 equipment such as regulators and solenoids. Easy to read and easy to maintain.

Designed in a 'typical' bubble counter shape, this clear aluminium bubble counter is a tried and tested design; perfect to get an accurate bubble count without the need of bulky and expensive equipment.

To use, simply unscrew one end and fill the bubble counter with water, or if you prefer a bright coloured solution to make it easier to read. Then, simply crew the bubble counter into needle valve from your regulator, solenoid or splitter.

When the regulator is open, you will be able to calculate your CO2 injection rate by counting how many bubbles pass through the counter per minute, with the peace of mind that your equipment is protected in the event of water siphoning back towards your equipment.



  • M10x1 Female Thread
  • Compatible with all our regulators and solenoids
  • Easy disassembling in cleaning and filling up water.
  • Built-in Check Valve

How to use:

  • Loose the cap ( upper part ) and fill the reservoir with clear water then fasten the cap firmly.
  • Secure the CO2 pipe according to the inlet and outlet indication marks with the screw node.


Customer Reviews

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Great products. Shipped quickly. Dropped

Great products. Shipped quickly. Dropped into existing set up with no issues. CO2 Art has the best products and customer service in CO2 injection across the globe. Highly recommended.

I don’t need to say

I don’t need to say anything because if your already looking at buying any co2art product your already know your going to get high end quality with a customer service to match

works perfectly; easy to adjust

works perfectly; easy to adjust pressure and bubble rate

I have only had the

I have only had the regulator online for about a week... but so far I am very impressed with it. The equipment itself has a very solid feel. I had no issues performing the leak tests and it passed with flying colors (expected since I was informed the company did their own leak test prior to shipping to me). The SMC needle valve is VERY precise and I'm so glad I went for that versus the standard (though I have never used the standard). Dialing in the bubbles takes a bit of getting used to as they are much smaller bubbles than in other regulators/bubble counters. This does not seem to be a function of pressure as I've dialed that in to the mfg specs. This is not a complaint, just something to keep in mind when adjusting your own system. My CO reactor has been very stable for the past week and I've not had to rely on the solenoid at all, which is desirable. I do like that the solenoid has an LED indicator so I know for sure it's ON/OFF. This is a nice touch. CO2art were very good about communication and even though there was a delay in the build (high volume of orders) they were very good about letting me know where my build stood in order of completion. I purchased tracked shipping and this was very impressive... 2 days so ship from UK to my door in Michigan (USA). I was excited to unbox and get it set up as soon as I could. As I stated, I have been impressed thus far and see no reason for that to change. I have not yet been able to assess the end-of-tank behavior of the regulator but all reviews I have read say there is no 'dump' at the end. For the price, overall quality, and customer service of CO2art, I would DEFINITELY encourage any and all people interested in a new regulator to try out this one!!

Well made piece of kit.

Well made piece of kit. Just be aware of the extra height it adds over and above the regulator especially with the tubing. Mine then didn't fit under the tank so just use the diffuser to measure flow rate now.