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How to transport aquarium fish?

How to transport aquarium fish?

There comes a moment when you implement your own aquarium and fish plan, you are already in the store and you buy the future inhabitants of a beautiful fish tank and now the challenge arises - how to bring them safely home? You will also have to face a similar task if you ever move the fish tank, or worse still, you move home. The transport of fish is a very important issue, because a few mistakes may cause them health problems or even death.


Transport of fish in a plastic bag

You are certainly no stranger to the sight of fish being brought home from the local fish store in plastic fish bags. However, do not be deceived by appearances! It cannot be a classic grocery shopping bag. Using any old plastic bag for the transport of living organisms could be disastrous because you have no guarantee of their strength. What's more, many plastic bags are not fish safe and are made of materials, so it is possible that when it comes into contact with water, the plastic will release toxins and cause poisoning of the fish. That is why pet store owners have special bags. They are made of safe materials and have rounded edges, which prevents the fish from getting stuck in the sharp corner.


During transport, fish need oxygen, so the bag with them should be filled with water to 1/3 of its height. Such a procedure will provide the aquarium inhabitants with the necessary air. Don't forget that the fish bag should be transported in a stable upright position. It is best to put it in a box (darkness reduces the stress of transported animals). The time of year you make your purchase is also important. In winter, you should take care of thermal insulation in the form of a polystyrene container. You can also use special thermal boxes intended for transporting food.

Once you get home, do not move the fish to the aquarium immediately. The change in temperature and the aquatic environment may come as a shock to them. Therefore, place the bag in the aquarium and wait for the water contained in it to reach the temperature at which they will eventually stay. Then add some water from the aquarium to the bag and wait a quarter of an hour, then repeat this treatment, and after another 15 minutes, take the fish home by catching them with a net. Attention! Do not pour the water from the transport bag into the aquarium, as it is heavily contaminated with metabolites of stressed fish during transport.